Pitbull Beagle Mix

pitbull beagle mix dog

The tremendous friendliness of pitbulls and beagle mixes towards other people and animals is unmatched. Families who already …

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Chocolate Beagle

chocolate beagle

In comparison to the usual black, tan, and white Beagles, the Chocolate Tri-Color Beagle has brown fur that …

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Shih poos are a hybrid breed of toy poodle and shih tzu. It’s standard practice to breed shih …

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chipoo dog

The hybrid dog breed known as the Chi-Poo. It is a hybrid of the parent breeds Poodle and …

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Irish Doodle

Irish Doodle dog breed

The Irish Doodle is a purposeful canine crossbreed, commonly referred to as a designer dog. They are a …

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Whoodle dog breed

The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier and Poodle were crossed to create the mixed-breed dog known as the Whoodle. These …

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peekapoo dog

The charming, devoted lapdog known as the Peekapoo is a mix between a miniature or toy poodle and …

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poochon dog breed

The bichon frise and the toy or small poodle were crossed to create the poochon. The terms bichon …

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Doberman Cross Breeds

doberman cross breeds

Dobermans are inherently courageous and confident on the field, weighing roughly 100 pounds of robust muscle. Few things …

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