Lionhead rabbit

Lionhead Rabbit

The Lionhead rabbit is a domestic rabbit breed recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association and British Rabbit …

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Samoyed Husky Mix

samoyed husky mix

The Samoyed Husky hybrid is referred to as the “Samusky.” Nice, huh? almost as adorable as the puppies …

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The Newfypoo is a purposeful cross between the highly clever and multi-talented Poodle and the Newfoundland dog, a …

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Dachshund Lab Mix

dachshund lab mix

A Dachshund and a Labrador Retriever are combined to create the breed known as a Dachshund-Lab mix. Breeders …

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The Chihuahua and Pug were crossed to create the mixed-breed dog known as the Chug. The Chug possesses …

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