Best guard dogs for kids

There are various reasons to want a guard dog, including personal safety, property security, and use as a living doorbell for guests. Guard dogs unfortunately frequently receive a poor rap for being aggressive or dangerous, but that’s not fully true. In actuality, the qualities that make these breeds the finest guardians also make them fantastic family pets: fierce loyalty to the humans they’ve adopted as their “pack,” intelligence that allows them to be trained to react to real threats, and a loving streak a mile wide.

The best guard dogs, according to the American Kennel Club, are loyal, courageous, and aware of when to repel an invader, but they aren’t always vicious animals. These dogs will go above and above to keep you safe if you give them the training they require when they are young. A security dog will be ready to shower you with love and affection for the rest of your life, just like any other working dog is when they’re not on duty. Check out the top huge dog breeds that also make wonderful companions if you’re looking for a big, furry friend who isn’t necessarily bred to guard.


Akitas are strong animals because of their big build (just look at the size of that skull!). They will be able to distinguish between playmates and intruders if you socialise them well with family and friends while they are young.

Appenzeller Sennenhund

Due to their agility and activity, Appenzeller Sennenhunds still make a fantastic guard dog, despite being smaller than some of the other huge canines on our list. They were initially developed as farm dogs, so if you own some property, their intelligence and obedience can serve a dual purpose.

Australian Shepherd

The medium-sized Australian is stunning and courageous. These dogs are natural herders that feel most at home on a ranch or in a rodeo and will seize any chance to discipline other animals or even children. Additionally, they make fun playmates for the entire family.


These powerful, huge canines are a supersized mix between Bulldogs and Mastiffs. They do best in homes with fenced-in yards to prevent conflicts with other pets or people. Bullmastiffs make excellent strolling companions, but since they aren’t designed for continuous pace, leave them at home when you go running.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

These dogs have distinctive patches and patterns on their coats, making them both attractive and appealing as pets. If you are unsure of your ability to handle the typical puppy enthusiasm, Catahoula Leopard canines begin acting like adults at the age of 10 months.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Don’t overlook these enormous puppies’ disarming fluffiness because they know just how to react if they perceive a threat to your home or your family. Due to their love for and caution around people they know and trust, Caucasian Shepherd dogs make a wonderful choice if you have children and other pets.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

This strong puppy stands out from other retrievers thanks to its waterproof, wavy coat. However, you can still count on the devoted and enthusiastic characteristics that make labs and Golden Retrievers among the most well-liked pets. Chessies make good guard dogs because they are courteous to newcomers while remaining wary and restrained in their adoration.

Doberman Pinscher

A Doberman is the ideal dog to guard your home because they are strong, quick, and fearless despite having a sleek body. If you don’t want to return home to a mess, be ready to take them on lengthy walks since they are an active breed that needs lots of exercise.

Estrela Mountain Dogs

In Portugal, where these dogs are called for a range of mountains, estrelas are regarded to be among the country’s oldest breeds. They will fit in with a close-knit family because they are quite kind and protective of their people.

German Shepherd

One of the most popular breeds of police dogs is the German Shepherd, although people also keep them as pets. They are so devoted to you that they will build a close bond with you while guarding your home from invaders. Look no farther if you want a puppy that you can teach to do just about anything.

Giant Schnauzer

In essence, the Giant Schnauzer is a larger, more powerful variation of the normal breed. Because they have a beard, they need to regularly brush their thick covering of hair, so be prepared to spend some time grooming them.

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