Black Labrador Retriever Color – What Is the Standard?

The Black Labrador Retriever is a popular, sweet-faced, and affectionate dog breed in America. Labs are available in a variety of colours.

Today, we’ll talk about the colour black labrador.

You were innocently strolling through the mall when you decided to visit the pet store. Your children, on the other hand, make the decision, clamoring for a puppy.

An active small black and white dog is among the roly-poly puppies. You examine the card in the display, unsure what it is. It says “Black Labrador Retriever.” You inquire about the puppy, surprised, and are assured that it is a purebred black Labrador.

Your children, by chance, are interested in that same pet. You think for a moment before requesting that the puppy be held until the next day. You return home and decide to do some research. You go online and look up “black and white lab puppies information.”

If the information you obtain is accurate, you’ll discover that black Labradors are not black and white. Any Labrador Retriever classified as white and black is of mixed blood.

Unfortunately, some purebred puppies are attempting to persuade the public that these mongrels are AKC certified dogs. Some may be registered as black Labradors with a little shady documentation, but their registration will not stand up to inspection.

Realizing that the puppy in the pet shop is extremely over-priced, since it is not purebred, you decide to look for a real black Labrador.

AKC Recognize Labrador Standard colors

Labrador Retrievers come in only three colors, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC):

1. Black Labrador

2. Yellow Labrador

3. Chocolate Labrador

Any other color – or a combination of colors – disqualifies a dog for registration as a Labrador Retriever.

Black Labrador

The black Labrador has been loved by the hunting community for years. They were, however, bred from a fishing partner that has been extinct for nearly half a century.

Although black labs have always been the most popular colour, their popularity has shifted over the years.

The Lab has a double coat that helps them stay warm both in and out of the water. And it’s an area where they shine, thanks to their incredible webbed paws! Their thick, straight tail is described as otter-like, and they are practically all one color with no additional markings.

For years, black Labradors have been bred as hunting companions. They are an intelligent breed that was purposefully created from dogs that were attentive to their handlers and reasonably easy to teach commands to.

Yellow Labrador

The yellow Labrador is most recognized for its work as a guiding dog for the blind people. The classic Labrador Retriever, on the other hand, is one of the world’s most popular pets. Yellow Lab has become connected with companionship and families more than any other colour.
In addition, there’s the show ring.

Yellow Labs are also one of the easiest breeds to train. It’s no surprise that they’re used for search and rescue, guiding dogs, hunting companions, and much more.

Chocolate Labrador

The Chocolate Labrador is a sociable, calm and loving dog. And one that has a big appeal as a pet. However, a new study questions if this adorable colour is as healthful as his yellow and black Lab cousins.

The retrieve drive, or the desire to chase and retrieve items, in American Labs may be stronger than in their show bred cousins. They are also more sensitive and responsive to training, in addition to being physically faster and racily built.

Where Do Black Labs Originate?

Did you know that the first Labradors were derived from the now-extinct St John’s Water Dog? This breed was also most likely the ancestor of the larger and more unique Newfoundland. The companion of this fisherman had a thick coat and resembled a hybrid between a Border Collie and the current Labrador we know and love.

Two English aristocrats, each of whom owned a St John’s Water Dog, teamed up to start a breeding operation that gave birth to the modern Lab we know and love. Almost all of these dogs were bred as shooting companions until the early 1900s, and almost all of them were black. White marks are common, though.

Color Genes in Labradors

The colour of a black Labrador Retriever is mostly controlled by two genes.

1. First gene (B) determines how dense the pigment granules in a black Labrador’s coat will be. The coat will be black when the pigment granules are thick. The coat will be chocolate if the pigment particles are scarce. There would only be chocolate and black Labradors if this was the sole gene involved.

2. The second gene (E) creates the difference. It determines whether or not any pigment is created at all. If a dog possesses the recessive E gene, regardless of the B gene, there will be little colour. It’ll be a yellow Labrador Retriever.

Color subtleties are controlled by variations in a number of additional genes.

Labrador Retrievers in Blue, Charcoal, Grey, and Silver.

Unscrupulous breeders have given their puppies new names in order to disguise the fact that they do not fulfil the official standard, claiming that they are a new line of “purebred” black Labradors.

Silver is the most overtly promoted of these four colors. This is an extremely light colour, and because it is desired by those who do not follow the rules, some shady breeders refer to unusually pale yellow and chocolate labs as “silver” labs.

A black Labrador Retriever’s color should never be any of these shades.

Types of the Black labrador

Here we discuss different types of Black labrador

American Black Labrador

American black Labs are slimmer, less excitable, and more motivated than their European counterparts.
They’re around the same height as their show counterparts, although their heads aren’t as broad, and their tails don’t always have the same otter quality.

They are less likely to play than their show-bred counterparts, although being just as friendly.
Having a stronger desire to retrieve and hunt, in contrast.

English Black labrador

The English black Lab was bred mostlyfor its appearance rather than its function.
A straight,thick furred tail and a higher weight on the scales match their wide head and barrel chest.

Black Labrador FAQ

Are black Labradors good pets?

When, you’ll find they’re easy-going, rewarding dogs with high energy levels, meaning they love additional attention and exercise. They make wonderful companions and assistance dogs. Black Labradors get along well with both single owners and family members, as well as children and other pets.

Are black labs more aggressive than white labs?

Black labs are mainly chosen from the American Labrador bloodline, meaning they are bred as a working dog. While this does not indicate that they are more or less aggressive than their yellow or chocolate counterparts, due to their sporting dog lineage, training them may be more successful.

What is the price of a black lab puppy?

Depending on the breeder and breeding standards, black lab prices range from $1700 to $2500. There are distinct price ranges for different dog breeds. Similarly, Labrador retriever puppies are classed in the same way.

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