Types of Bull Terrier colors

The Bull Terrier is a terrier family dog breed. They are very playful and lovable, sometimes stubborn, but always devoted. Bull Terriers are athletic, big-boned terriers who move with a diligently stride suggesting agility and power.

The Bull Terrier’s coat is short, flat, and shiny, with a hard texture. They comes in two color varieties: white and colored. There are a limited number of coat colors in Bull Terriers.

In this article we share some useful information about different types of bull terrier colors, so read carefully.

Number 1: White Bull terrier

white bull terrier

This is very common and most popular color of the bull terrier. White Bull terriers are, however, not really white as all white, Bull Terriers carry colour and pass on colour to their offspring even though that color may not be visible. These appear all white but they may have patches of the colors described below, most likely on the head near the ears and eyes.

The White expression is a ‘mask’ hiding the true genetic colour of the dog. A careful look at the hairs around the ears of an all-White Bull Terrier can help figure out what color it is carrying.

Number 2: Red Bull terrier

red bull terrier

Red bull terrier comes in different varieties like, Red Solid bull terrier, red and white, red smut and clear red bull terrier.

This color ranges from light tan through to deep, dark, rich, rust red. The colour “fawn” is a very pale version of this. Fawn colour is caused by the same gene as Red colour but the difference in expression is due to the rufous polygenes which, when inactive, result in a so-called ‘cold’ colour.

Number 3: Brindle Bull terrier

brindle bull terrier

Brindle bull terrier is an another beautiful colors of this breed. This is a pattern of fine black lines superimposed on a variable red or fawn base color producing a wide range of colors – gold brindle, silver brindle, red brindle and from light to dark brindle.

This bull terrier comes in two varieties like, Brindle solid and Brindle and white.

Brindle with hardly any white markings – it might have a small white blaze on the nose, patch on the chest and white on the toes

Brindle with strong white markings on the nose, collar, chest,  underbelly, lower legs and feet and tail tip.

Number 4: Black and Tan/Tricolour bull terrier

black bull terrier

It is called also known as a Black & Tan Solid but if there is black and tan coloring with white markings on the face, collar, chest, underbelly, feet and tail, then it is called Tricolor.

This pattern is black with tan (red) markings on the eyebrows, cheeks, chest, lower legs and bottom.

Number 5: Black Brindle Bull terrier

black brindle bull terrier

If minimal white is present, it is called a Black Brindle Solid but if there is black and brindle coloring with white markings on the face, collar, chest, underbelly, feet and tail, then it is called Black Brindle & White.

This pattern is black with brindled markings on the eyebrows, cheeks, chest, lower legs and bottom. The brindle color can be very variable.

Number 6: Fawn bull terrier

fawn bull terrier

Fawn bull terrier color is a very pale version of tan or red and is believed by geneticists to be just a paler version of Red. Rufous polygenes are multigenetic  modifiers which enhance warm color but when these are inactive, as in the case of the  fawn color, the expression which results is a rarer and less favored ‘cold’ color.

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