Bulldog Campeiro

The bulldog campeiro is also known as Campeiro bulldog or Brazilian Bulldog, Countryside Bulldog, and Pampas Bulldog is a breed of bulldog from Brazil. The Bulldog Campeiro was traditionally used in Brazil as a catch dog, catching and holding cattle, often in slaughterhouses.

History of Bulldog campeiro

In the 19th century the Bulldog Campeiro has its origin in the Bulldogs that came to Brazil brought by European immigrants.

The bulldog campeiro was used to deal with cattle. The best dogs for the work of submitting oxen and pigs were the most appreciated, and also those who knew how to keep the cartman’s horse and cart while it rested.

In the 1970s the use of such dogs was banned in Brazilian slaughterhouses and the breed’s number declined to the point of extinction, this was further exacerbated by the increased popularity of imported dog breeds.

In the mid-1970s a private breeding program was commenced to save the breed and numbers have gradually recovered, the breed was recognised by the Confederação Brasileira de Cinofilia in 2001.

Use of bulldog campeiro: They were used to capture the wild cattle, participating in tropeadas, always capturing the runaway ox. They participated in slaughterhouses, always holding the brave ox when needed. Dogs are highly versatile, having guardian characteristics and very balanced fighter. Are selected

Bulldog campeiro personality

The bulldog campeiro is known to be aggressive to other dogs. They were the most popular, because in addition to the farm work, as for example dragging pigs by the ears to the right place, when escaping, was also a excellent guard dog.

Campeiro bulldog Temperament

Campeiro bulldog is a versatile dog with guarding instincts, making it an excellent guard dog. Despite their aggressive look, the Brazilian Bulldog stands out for it’s loyalty to its owner, tenacity, and courage. Its temperament is vigilant and calm, with a strong companionship sense and an accentuated spirit of a warrior.

The Campeiro bulldog is obstinate to cross any hurdle while being controlled enough to show a high degree of obedience to the commands of its master.

Size and appearance of Bulldog campeiro

How big is a Bulldog campeiro?

The bulldog campeiro is typically stand between 48 and 56 centimetres (19 and 22 in), with dogs standing between 50 and 56 centimetres (20 and 22 in) and bitches between 48 and 54 centimetres (19 and 21 in) According to the Confederação Brasileira de Cinofilia’s breed standard.

Appearance of Campeiro Bulldog

Campeiro bulldog is muscular medium-sized dog, very strong and slightly heavy for its height (stocky) of broad constitution and almost square body shape, It has strong bones and a typically broad head.

Their triangular ears are small-sized and floppy, and its muzzle is short and wide.

Bulldog campeiro has Smooth, short hair, and all colors are accepted – There are dogs entirely white, but the mucous membranes and eyelids must be well pigmented, so that this does not disadvantage you when used for work.

The blue coat is one of these exotic colors, and appeared in the camp Bulldog from the insertion of the American breed Olde English Bulldogge.

Bulldog campeiro health & problems

Bull dog campeiro is generally healthy dog but it’s prone to some bone diseases, but it can be avoided with proper care.

Brazilian Bulldo dogs suffer from severe hip dysplasia, overall, the condition affects only a few dogs.

Except for this, that in the field bulldog is not even a problem, there are no other diseases specific to the field bulldog that affect it on a large scale. Prevention of external and internal parasites through deworming and infectious diseases through vaccination is recommended.

Campeiro bulldog Lifespan

The Average lifespan of the Bulldog Campeiro is between 10 and 12 years. Proper diet and medical treatment can prolong his life.

How to take care of Bulldog campeiro ?

Taking care is one of the useful and very important factors for your Bulldog campeiro. Proper take care for the Campeiro will involve many phases that will all work in combination to maintain excellent health and promote learning and good behavioral habits.

These dogs need some daily exercise, if not directly involved in dealing with cattle or another type of work.

Here we share some useful tips for bulldog campeiro take care.

Exercise requirements

Bulldog campeiro require daily exercise. . The physical exercise needs of a campeiros are usually relatively high when compared to other dog breeds, and this remains true throughout the dog’s life.

We recommended daily exercise for most dogs is 30 minutes to 2 hours, although certain dogs need more. Some dogs breeds were developed for more active lifestyles than others, and in a companion dog situation, they are not able to do the work their ancestors were bred to do.

Regular vet visit

In general, all dogs should have a complete physical check-up at least once per year. This includes taking your dog’s temperature, checking his heart, lungs, weighing, stomach, eyes, teeth, ears, skin, and coat.

When you have a bulldog campario, or another animal, it’s your responsibility to ensure they get the best care possible. This is why it’s important to schedule regular visits for your four-legged friend at a veterinary clinic.

Grooming & Bruising

Brushing plays a significant role in the appearance and overall health of your puppy coat. The Brazilian Bulldog requires very little care as it sheds very little.

Providing a high-quality dog food

Brazilian Bulldog require special nutrition to help them grow healthy and support those rambunctious puppy energy levels.

The amount a mature dog eats depends on its age, size, body structure, metabolism, and obviously, activity level. Each dog is unique, just like people, and they need different amounts of food.

When you deciding what is the best dog food for bulldog campeiro is, you’ll need to know how many calories your puppies needs to fuel his growth and energy requirements.

Here we list out some of the best good dog food for bulldog campeiro

Best dog food for Campeiro bulldog 2021

  • Royal Canin Medium Bulldog Dry Dog Food
  • Royal Canin Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food
  • Purina Pro Plan Savor Dry Dog Food

If you’re feeding a growing bulldog campeiro puppy, you can rely on these dog food to give them the appropriate health support and nutrients that they need as they grow into adult dogs.

How to train campeiro dog

Are you ready to start training your dog or puppy? Proper training and socialization are among your dog’s basic needs. It’s important to start training your dog as soon as possible.

Here we share some important tips to train your campeiro dog.

Potty Training

Potty training a Bulldog campeiro is not different than potty training any other dog. Like any other dog breeds, these dog needs patience & consistency.

It’s an good time when you adopting a new bulldog campeiro puppy in your home, but a new puppy too comes with lots of challenges. The first and biggest challenges that you may face is that of potty training.

This training a campeiro dog can be disappoint, dull and time-consuming, but it’s a necessary step in training your puppy.

Potty training your Brazilian Bulldog puppy can take a lot of time, patience and attention but luckily, there is one tool that can make a huge difference a potty training pad.

Some dog experts recommend that you begin house training your puppy when they are between 12 weeks and 16 weeks old. At that time they have ample control of their bladder and bowel movements to learn to hold it.

Potty Training Tips for your dog

  1. Find a spot outside your house where your puppy can relieve himself.
  2. Pick the Toilet Spot and Stick With It
  3. Reward Instead of Punish For Fast Effective Training
  4. Use Potty pads because they are disposable, so clean up is easy.

Crate Training

Crate training is primarily a method of getting a crate for your puppy. For many people training your dog or Brazilian Bulldog to create is a necessary step if you are planning to leave home and hope to be in the same condition when you return.

Crate training your dog has many benefits. If you’re planning on crate training, your Brazilian Bulldog puppy should be put to bed every night in its crate. However, you may want to consider the best place for that crate at the beginning.

First, it is important to teach your dog to enter the crate on cue. You can initially shape this behavior by tossing a yummy treat into the crate.

Using a crate is a important way to keep your dog from getting into riot when you can’t supervise them directly.

Crate training is good for hunting dogs, because the keeping them comfortable during hunts and on the road.

 Brazilian Bulldog crate training tips

  1. The crate should be clean.
  2. Place the crate in an area of your home where the family spends most of it’s time.
  3. Never leave your pitbull in their crate all day.
  4. The size of his crate should be large enough to stand, sleep in, and turn around, but not walk around.
  5. Once you let the dog out of the crate, immediately take it outside to eliminate waste.
  6. Call him over to the crate and give him a treat.
  7. Try feeding them meals or treats in their crate so crate time feels like a reward.

Behavioral & Obedience Training

It can be very difficult to manage if your Campeiro dog misbehaves. Effective positive dog behavior training can help you prevent their misbehavior. The rule is to reward good behavior and redirect or ignore unwanted behavior.

The very common dog behavior problems is the first step to solving and preventing them. A solid base of obedience training will help you prevent or better control many of these issues.

You can choose best method for you and your dog before you begin dog obedience training. Training styles vary, but most trainers agree that dogs respond best to positive reinforcement, such as praise or treats.

Young Brazilian Bulldog puppies have short attention spans but you can expect them to begin to learn simple obedience commands like “sit,” “down,” and “stay,” as young as 7 to 8 weeks of age.


Socialization means exposing your puppy to new experiences in order to make it feel very relaxing. Good socialization can be very effective and beneficial for the physical health and care of your Brazilian Bulldog.

Brazilian Bulldog are friendly with people, but they need socialization training to become very good doggy citizens. They are not always great with other dogs, but spending time around other canines in a controlled environment can ease their fears.

Proper socialization also keep others safe around your dog. When a dog is stressed and scared, one natural reaction is to snap at people.

Bulldog campeiro socialization tips

  1. First, choose a neutral location for the meeting.
  2. Always make it positive
  3. You can work on socialization in the comfort of your own home
  4. Take your puppy for car rides and let them adjust to the moving vehicle.
  5. During socialization, a dog should be protected from a fearful encounter, and never overwhelmed with too much at once.

How much do blldog campeiro cost?

The cost to adopt an Bulldog campeiro is around $400 in order to cover the expenses of caring for the dog before adoption. In contrast, buying Campeiro Bulldogs from breeders can be prohibitively expensive. Depending on their breeding, they usually cost anywhere from $1,500-$4,000.
Yearly vet bills may cost somewhere between $200-$400 depending on what services are performed. Grooming products, toys crate, gates and other things will add up quickly. Expect to pay around $200 for necessary items.

Bulldog campeiro puppies for sale

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Bulldog campeiro Breeders

Finding the best Bulldog campeiro breeder is crucial. Here we list out some kannel name and breeders information.

Rare Supreme Campeiro Buldogue – Columbus, Ohio , United States (614) 218-2714


Advantage and disadvantages of Bulldog campeiro

Pros of Campeiro bulldog

  • They Make Great Guard Dogs
  • Energetic, Intelligent, and Confident.
  • Thay have a short coat that needs a few brushings

Cons of Brazilian Bulldog

  • Require more exercise
  • They are prone to hip dysplasia, Demodex, and Parvovirus
  • Tends to Overheat Easily
  • Overweight Issues
  • They Can be Aggressive

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