Cavalier King Charles spaniel mix

The Cavalier, also known as a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is the finest of both canine worlds. They are small enough to be included in the list of toy dogs and athletic enough to compete with the best sporting Spaniels. In addition, they are amicable, tender, graceful, delicate, and intellectual. Could things possibly improve?

Well, you may think so if you’re seeking for a Cavalier with a twist. Given how amazing the Cavalier is, they are frequently employed in the realm of canine designers to create various Cavalier King Charles Spaniel combinations. There are many canine alternatives available to you, all suited for a King, from the obvious pairings to the unexpected mixtures.

We have a different choice for you to think about, whether you’re searching for a more robust Cavalier blend or perhaps a Cava with a protective streak. Let’s count them and then choose which would be the greatest choice for you.

Designing new dog breeds has been a common practise for a very long time. But in recent years, it has spread widely. You should be informed that depending on which parent a dog mix takes after, the results may differ. They may exhibit a 50/50 split or may exhibit a stronger resemblance to one parent than the other. But until kids become adults, you won’t know.

Researching the two dog breeds that go into your new mixed pup is crucial for this reason. Because they have been bred for two or three generations, some Cavalier mixed breeds, like the Cavapoo, are significantly more stable in terms of their traits.

Working with a breeder that can demonstrate numerous generations of your chosen mixed breed is necessary if you like this stability.

Other Cavalier hybrids, like the Cava-Mo, are much more recent and uncommon. Consequently, you must be ready for any gene combination. The Cavalier is a gentle puppy that yearns for company and barely weighs 13 to 18 pounds. Therefore, even if you should prepare for the unexpected, they shouldn’t differ significantly from their Cava father. Check out a few of our favorites now.


Expect a workout partner because the Cockalier is likely to be considerably more spirited than the Cavalier. They are however likely to be a little more laid-back than a Cocker Spaniel due to their Cava heritage. Cockaliers are calm, loving animals who genuinely enjoy spending time with their favorite people.

They are a little mixed pup that weighs between 15 and 25 pounds and is between 13 and 15 inches tall. With the exception of rare appearances of different colors that are familiar to both parents, their coat often takes on the distinctive tan and white colors of the Cavalier. They still have curled ears, and their button-shaped eyes make them as alluring.


Standard American Eskimo puppies are rarely chosen for this mix; instead, Toy or Miniature sized puppies are. Stranger things, however, have occurred. They are a petite breed that can accompany you on practically any excursion, weighing up to 19 pounds and growing up to 14 inches. Outside of the US, few people are familiar with them. Nevertheless, people seem to like them for their curlier tail and fluffier coat combo. Typically, their coat is mostly white with a small amount of tan.

Unlike purebred Cavaliers, Cava-Mos are less sensitive and are loyal and flexible canines. Nevertheless, they enjoy spending the most of the day with their favorite people. They are intelligent and very easy to train due to their desire to please. The mischievous and spirited Cava-Mos are guaranteed to keep you on your toes.


The Cavapoo, like the majority of Poodle hybrids, is arguably one of the most well-known Cavalier mixes on our list. Since they have a little more energy than a pure-bred Cavalier, you can rely on this canine hybrid to play games and have a great time. They typically enjoy the water and have a high prey drive.

Due to the Cavapoo’s Poodle ancestry, it should be friendlier on allergy sufferers. Just keep in mind that they are not hypoallergenic, unlike the Cavalier. They can inherit any color combination from both parents, and their coat is typically wavy. Cavapoos rarely weigh more over 20 pounds on the scale. Because both of their parents are quite sensitive, they are prone to separation anxiety. They therefore require a family who can spend the majority of the day at home.


The Chilier is one of the more compact blends on this list because of the teeny, tiny Chihuahua influence. So, if you’re searching for a small dog that weighs no more than 12 pounds, this might be your best option. They have soft, silky hair that is quick to style, whether they have the heads of a deer or an apple Chihuahua.

Make sure to resist those adorable puppy dog eyes. They are playful puppies who love to have a good time but also enjoy being cuddled on the couch. Despite how harmless they may appear, they are likely to be outspoken puppies that take their responsibility as family guardians seriously.

Golden Cavvy

Due to the sweetness of both of their parents, this mixed breed is twice as sweet. The Cavalier and Golden Retriever are well-known for being family-friendly dogs, so you can almost always count on them to be a great choice for the majority of families. Additionally, they have a remarkable combination of vigor and tranquilly and are bright, kind, and ready to please.

Golden Cavvys are normally one tint of light to golden, with sporadic flecks of a different hue. They typically have medium-length hair that requires a little more maintenance than a typical Cavalier, especially if they enjoy playing in the mud and swimming at the neighbourhood lake. Even if they are a little bit smaller than the bulkier Cavador, they are still a big choice, weighing up to 45 pounds.

King Charles Yorkie

King Charles Yorkies are every bit as lively as their name suggests. They are a little fluffy package full of tenacious terrier personalities. Make sure not to treat this dog excessively. Otherwise, you can end up with a dog that is overly protective. They are still elegant, but have a strong desire to hunt and a tomboyish streak. They insist on going everywhere with you and loathe to be left alone.

Another little mixed breed that weighs less than 10 pounds is the King Charles Yorkie. But don’t be fooled by their diminutive size. They are excellent alarm systems for any home because of their powerful bark. King Charles Yorkies frequently have a scruffy appearance and are most likely to be a blend of white, tan, and black.


Friendly Cavachon puppies are the perfect dog choice for a young family with kids. They are flexible additions to most families because they are also quite adaptive to various living situations. They are the perfect introduction to dog ownership for new dog owners since they are entertaining, intelligent, and eager to please.

Their thick and fluffy wavy coat is a result of the Bichon Frise breed. They frequently have light coloring, perhaps with tan splashes from the Cavalier family. Since they shed less than the other plants on our list, you may maintain your home as tidy as you can.


On this list, the Cavapom could be the fluffiest. So, if you’re a Cavalier fan who loves fluff, go no further than this dog. Their coats, which feature a variety of their parents’ colors, require meticulous maintenance to keep them looking their best. This pup is among our collection of Cavaliers’ small designer dogs, along with the Chilier mix. You must teach your children how to properly handle these less than 12-pound objects in order to prevent injuries.

The Cavapom is a robust and vivacious dog who typically exhibits greater zeal than the typical Cavalier. When on walkies, they will undoubtedly vanish into the bushes due to their curiosity and somewhat high prey drive. Therefore, you must keep a tight eye on these boisterous dogs. This toy dog is a cheerful blend that will make any family’s day better.


The Cavajack is more fiery than a Cavalier Spaniel but more graceful than a purebred Jack Russell Terrier. They are a well-rounded mixed breed that people with families and those who are single appreciate. They have a strong desire to hunt and generally chase anything that enters their yard. Cavajacks are mischievous and frequently get themselves into trouble. Fortunately, their calmer Cavalier side results in a pup who is less intense.

Cavajacks are normally tan and white, weighing up to 18 pounds. Their somewhat short, kinky-waved coats are notably noticeable around their somewhat long ears. Their bulky build gives them the strength to chase after objects while maintaining their grace. This dog is most charming with a tinge of stubbornness.


What results when you cross the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the most popular dog in America? an obvious Cavador. They are a good pick for enthusiasts of giant dogs because they are one of the biggest mixed breeds on this list. Depending on the size of their Lab father, they are medium-sized but rarely weigh more than 50 pounds. They normally have a golden-colored coat, but happily they don’t need as much grooming as Labradors do. They are usually aquatic babies who are active and enjoy chasing other animals. These are the best choices for more active families because they require significantly more exercise than your typical Cavalier. When given early training information, cavarros are relatively easy to train and make obedient companions.

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