Corgipoo – Corgi Poodle mix

The Corgi Poodle mix, or Corgipoo, is a hybrid between a purebred Corgi and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. They are intelligent, energetic dogs that increase on companionship. With very short, stout legs and large masses of energy, the Corgi Poodle mix has the potential to be a charming dog.

Besides having delightful appearances, this dog obtains the playfulness and intelligence of its parents. As a miniature breed, you can be assured they won’t hold up ample room and are excellent for families attending to attach an addition or seniors who require a companion dog.

History of Corgi poodle mix

The Corgipoo is a mixed-breed dog blending two distinct parent breeds; a Corgi parent and a Poodle parent. The Corgi poodle mix comes into this new designer dog kind as it is the result of crossbreeding a purebred Corgi dog with a purebred Poodle dog.

The Corgipoo mix breed is a playful and enjoying small canine breed. However, it is interesting and sensitive in different conditions and wary of strangers. This performs it properly as a family pet and for anyone who requires a loving but loud mini watchdog.

They obtain most of their coat characteristics from the Poodle parent. As an outcome, their coat will have short curly hair, hypoallergenic with less cover, presenting them a popular breed for a wider variety of dog owners, particularly those with allergies or those dwelling in small houses.

This crossbreed dog is likely to obtain more of the typical stature of the Corgi parent– the long sturdy body and short legs. But, thanks to both parent breeds, the mixed-breed Corgipoo will have high strength and vitality and be an intellectual dog.

Corgi History

The two Corgi breeds are identified principally by tail length, size and temperament. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is somewhat taller and heavier with a longer tail and a different influential personality. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is more delicate and compressed with a docked tail and a subdued personality.

Corgis experience a conformational defect that produces their legs disproportionally shorter than their backbone. It’s a class of dwarfism, and a corgi lab mix may obtain the genes which create it.

Welsh Corgis have been employed as herding dogs, essentially. They have the variety of pets identified as” heelers,” signifying they would bite at the heels of these bigger critters to retain them on the go. The two Cardigan and Pembrokeshire are agricultural regions of Wales.

Poodle History

Although it is considered the national dog of France, the Poodle has its origins in Germany. A Poodle is a miniature dog that is progressing in popularity as the perfect partner in any designer dog union; recognized as the Doodle variety of dogs, including the Corgi Doodle, Husky Doodle, and the Dachshund Doodle.

The Poodle Parent is friendly and hypoallergenic with little matting. Due to low maintenance, this presents them as excellent indoor or outdoor dogs; they are individually proper for city or apartment existence.

Poodles have an easy-going and relaxed approach. They are good-natured and love nothing further than to curl up with their family member and go to sleep, notably on their bed!

Corgi poodle mix personality

Corgipoos are very outgoing, playful and affectionate dogs with a cheeky, naughty side to them. They prefer to play with toys and children and embrace any new pets into the family.

Because of this, they can become very connected to their parents, so if not dealt with from an early age, separation stress can develop throughout adulthood. But with both parents having related temperaments, you can be assured your Corgi Poodle Mix will be a loving, intelligent and energetic dog.

This mixed breed has the advantage that they’re commonly more comfortable to train than a purebred Corgi.  Purebred Corgis manage to be somewhat stubborn, but the training method commonly goes much softer when combined with an eager-to-please Poodle.

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Size and appearance of Corgi poodle mix Temperament

How big is a Corgipoo?

Corgipoos can be either or in-between. Depending on which Poodle variety is bred with its Corgi parents, this crossbreed can proceed in three sizes: toy, small, or medium.

The Corgipoo is a small-sized crossbreed between the Welsh Corgi and the small Poodle. Your Corgipoo is a miniature dog, reaching between 10 and 12 inches and ordinarily weighs between 12 and 28 pounds, but can weigh somewhat more. The Corgi poodle mix has a large head and large dark eyes full of appearance.

The nose is proportionate to the muzzle, which is average in length and is black and round. The body of a Corgipoo is strong and shorter than it is long. Most Corgi poodle mix resembles the Welsh corgi in body with the shaggy, soft coats of the Poodle.

Appearance of Corgi poodle mix

Coripoos has an orbicular head and a fox-like muzzle. They have curled ears that can either be floppy like the Poodle or build like the Corgi. They also have dark almond-shaped eyes and a black nose. Most Corgidoodles manage to obtain the Poodle’s hair, a medium or long double coat that is soft and corded.

The Poodle Corgis sheds gently to moderately. The colours of their coat can be a compound of white, cream, tan, fawn, grey, red, black, ebony, and brown. They can be regarded as hypoallergenic dogs, particularly when they obtain more of the Poodle breed. The Poodle mixed with Corgi dogs may have short to long legs.

The nose is proportionate to the muzzle, which is average in length and is black and round. The body of a Corgipoo is sturdy and shorter than it is long. Most Corgi poodle mixes agree to the Welsh corgi in body with the shaggy, soft coats of the Poodle.

Corgi poodle mix health & problems

The Poodle crossed with Corgi dog has a life span of 12 to 14 years. The long-term health of an exclusive dog is unpredictable and multifactorial. You should know that genetics typically have an arbitrary determination of obtained traits. The health problems of one parent breed may demonstrate more than another. You should be conscious of the potential health problems from every parent dog breed. Here’s a listing of a few of the general health problems detected in a cross between a Poodle and a Corgi:

  • Canine Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand disease
  • Blindness
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Epilepsy

An efficient method to stop possible diseases is by vaccinations. Some of the suggested vaccinations for puppies are measles, rabies, and DHPP, vaccines for hepatitis, par influenza, distemper, adenovirus, and parvovirus.

Corgipoo Lifespan

Corgipoos manage to live between 12 to 14 years. The long-term health of an exclusive dog is variable and multifactorial. It would be best if you recognized that genetics typically have a random selection of inherited traits.

The health problems of one mother breed may manifest more extra than the another. You should be conscious of the possible health problems from all parent breed.

To support your Corgi Poodle Mix to maximize his lifespan, make convinced to implement his nutritional requirements and regular exercise. You never understand; with your love and care, your puppy may exist longer than anticipated.

How to take care of Corgi poodle mix

Exercise requirements

This Corgipoo mix needs the regular exercise of moderate intensity. They are intelligent dogs and anxious to demand their people. The high knowledge of both parent breeds also suggests the Corgipoo requires plenty of mental stimulation to limit weak behaviors from promoting.

The duration of physical movement should be at most limited to 1 hour. Eight miles per week of running or walking may be sufficient for your dog. It is suggested to obtain a dog walker if you cannot assemble the dog’s exercise requirements.

You may opt to begin the dog outside, but there are many alternatives for indoor exercises too. You can purchase the Midwest Exercise Pet Playpen, which presents lots of places for toys, bowls, and a sleeping bed. The playpen is collapsible and effortless to clean. The pup can have more fun inside without messing up the furniture in your home. You can also resemble the puppy while performing few household chores.

A Visit to the Vet

It is an important and valuable way to taking care of your Corgi poodle mix Dog. Like all dog breeds, This mix breed needs to go to the vet once per year for a checkup.

Generally, a complete physical examination of a particular dog is needed at least once a year. It involves getting your dog’s temperature, checking heart, lungs, weighing, stomach, eyes, teeth, ears, skin, and coat.

Vaccinating your pet has long been regarded as one of the most straightforward approaches to assist him to live a long, healthy life. Puppies are typically vaccinated at 8 and 10 weeks; your young Bowie should then be given a booster 12 months after their first vaccination because it’s beneficial to take care of any pets.

Grooming & Bruising

The Corgi mixed with Poodle dogs scattered lightly to enough, depending on their acquired parent genes. The Poodle parent breed is notorious for being grooming-intensive and I will provide unusual grooming tips for the crossbreed with the predominant Poodle coat variety.

This mixed breed will need regular brushing or combing. Brushing supports to advance the owner’s bond with the puppy, and it principally inhibits the matting of the fur and helps in the shedding method. Some dogs may grow uncomfortable with the form of brushes and combs. Desensitization training will assist in solving this problem. You may start with brushing the coat with your hand to begin this training, and the dog will ultimately become habitual to this activity. You could change to applying the brush or comb later a few weeks.

One way to groom a Poodle-dominant crossbreed is the full appearance coat trim. The adult Poodles’ two standard and good grooming methods are the “English Saddle” and the “Continental.” The latter style includes heavy shaving of the back legs.

Providing a high-quality dog food

Corgi Labrador mixes require special nutrition to help them grow healthy and support those rambunctious puppy energy levels. The best food for Corgidor are full of nutrients to promote their wellbeing and growth.

When you decide what the best dog food for Glenn is, you’ll need to know how many calories your puppies need to fuel their growth and energy requirements.

To add variety to his diet, you can also feed your Bowie chicken liver, rice, sweet potatoes, coconut oil, and other dog-friendly, nutritious food.

Here we list out some of the best good dog food for Corgidor.

Best dog food for Corgi Labrador mix 2021

  • Orijen Original Formula Dry Dog Food.
  • Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish.
  • Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free.
  • Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food (Small Bites)

Avoid unhealthy and digestive system-damaging foods similar to soy, wheat, and corns.

If you’re feeding a growing Corgi Labrador mix puppy, you can rely on these dog foods to give them for the appropriate health support and nutrients that they require as they grow into adult dogs.

How to train Corgipoo ?

The Corgi crossed with Poodle dogs are respectful and intelligent. Training will be required to provide the dog to obtain the best behavior. The Poodle Corgis may study to enhance service or treatment dogs and livestock herders.

Here are some tips on training the Poodle Corgis:

  • Positive Rewards-based System

It is important to retain your dog stimulated. This training procedure eliminates the standard punishment when dogs misbehave, restricting dogs from promoting anxiety and uneasiness. It can also assist in strengthening your relationship with your pet.

  • Restrict the Duration of the Training Sessions

Through training, it is reasonable to attack mischief and variations in concentration. A method to stop this condition is to retain the training sessions short. By executing this technique, you will have the pup’s complete attention for a definite amount of time. It would be best to understand that you are constant and firm when training the dog.

Potty Training

It’s a fantastic time when you buy a new puppy in your home, but a new puppy also comes with many challenges. The first and most significant challenge that you may face is that of potty training.

If your dog decides to go with an indoor potty, so placement is essential. Find a space in your home where messes won’t interfere with your life.

Potty training your Corgi Labrador mix puppy can take a lot of time, patience, and attention, but luckily, one tool can make a huge difference: a potty training pad.

Some dog experts recommend that you begin house training your puppy when they are between 12 weeks and 16 weeks old. At that time, they have ample control of their bladder and bowel movements to learn to hold them.

Crate Training

If you’re planning on crate training, your puppy should be placed to bed every night in its crate. However, you may require thinking of the best place for that crate at the beginning.

Correctly done crate training is also a highly effective management technique that dog owners can be a lifesaver.

Using a crate is essential to keep your dog from getting into a riot when you can’t supervise them directly.

Crate training is suitable for hunting dogs because it keeps them comfortable during hunts and on the road.


The Poodle mixed with Corgi puppy might produce aggressive behaviors and severe anxiety if you do not enforce the early socialization. In the method of early socialization, you will present the puppy to different objects, people, and areas as advanced as possible.

There are two stages of this process. The first one initiates as early as 2 and 1/2 weeks. From this period of time up to four weeks of age, the buyers will hold the dog in a listed amount of time. The second stage of socialization begins from four weeks of age to 16 weeks of age. You will let the dog become familiar with neighboring formations and smells.

This training activity aims to form the puppy into a fearless and incredible adult dog. The dog will appear at ease with interacting with people and different dogs, providing to their potential in becoming therapy dogs, service dogs, or herders.

How much do Corgipoo cost?

A Corgipoo puppy will introduce you back about $350 to $850, with the average price comprising $775, depending on the breeder, availability, and the parents’ pedigree. Besides the original cost of your puppy, there are different upfront costs to estimate for, too, including toys, beds, bowls, and accessories. However, you can choose one for everywhere between $350 to $1,000.

The Price will considerably depend on whether the dog has a Corgipoo parent or just purebred parents. When you discover the right puppy for you or your family, you’ll need to estimate the following to guarantee your Corgipoo has the best start in life.

Corgi Labrador mix puppies for sale

Thorough research will assist you in discovering reliable and professional breeders when it proceeds to mixed dog breeds. These reliable breeders presented high-quality care for the dogs and prevented inbreeding from confirming lesser health problems. You can obtain the results of genetic testing and reports of vaccination from trusted breeders.

I truly support the approved appointment to the breeders’ area. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) firmly does not recommend buying puppies online.  Your visitation can improve to evaluate the situation of the environment of the crossbreed, and it can support you to perform small conversations and connections with the breeder.

The price of the Poodle Corgi Mix dogs varies from $350 to $850. Following mentioned is a list of trustworthy breeders for this mixed breed:

  • My Cultured Palata in Texas
  • Infinity Pups in Pennsylvania

Some charitable rescue centers are breed-specific, such as the Poodle Corgi Mix Rescue. You can obtain further information about institutions on the Internet and discuss them with veterinarians.

Corgi Poodle mix breeders

When it appears to purchase a Corgipoo puppy, there are various precautions you must perceive. For starters, while there are lots of good, honest breeders nearby, there are also dangerous breeders who do not worry about the welfare of the litter they are delivering. Consequently, to be assured that you are obtaining a healthy puppy, ensure to inquire about the medical records of the parent dogs.

Including the Corgi and the Poodle, the most significant health tests they will have required to pass are a hip evaluation and eye analysis. Ask to observe physical proof that the dogs have passed these health exams. It’s also essential to check whether the Corgi, in distinct, has had a blood test and a genetic test. Asking whether the Poodle parent had any earlier seizures in the past is also a good approach.

Ideally, you will require meeting both parent dogs before obtaining to see for yourself that they are healthy and friendly. When it happens to the short height of the Corgi, you will require obtaining your mind up about whether you are happy for your puppy to acquire this potentially uncomfortable and also life-limiting condition.

Advantage and disadvantages of Corgi Poodle Mix

Pros of Corgipoo

  • Alert, protective and bonds strongly with family
  • Suitable for any size of home or owner
  • Intelligent and affectionate
  • A very energetic dog with great stamina
  • Calm and lovable temperament
  • Makes a good watchdog for a family

Cons of Corgipoo

  • Destructive if left alone, will bite and chew things
  • Aloof with strangers
  • Can be clingy and suffer separation anxiety
  • Can be stubborn
  • Training requires patience
  • High maintenance – daily intensive grooming

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