The Eurohound is a hybrid between the Alaskan Husky and any of the Pointer dog breeds. Introduced in Norway, this new breed is a mongrel steadily crossbred with different crosses and purebreds to provide dogs to satisfy distinct running situations.

Eurohounds are slender dogs with an elongated face, penetrating eyes, half-dropped ears, and a long muzzle desisting in a black nose.

However, because of their random genetic modifications, their features and temperament might modify considerably. This breed is one of the most important sled dogs of Scandinavia at present.

History of Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix

In the early 1980s, Norway and Sweden established the first-ever German Short-haired Pointer and Alaskan Husky and described it as Eurohound.

As the imported North American running dogs could not coordinate the performance of the Husky, the mushers felt the necessity to build a completely new hybrid. These dogs are required to maintain the sledding strength of Husky and intelligence and enthusiasm to work with the Pointer.

The Eurohound is not purebred and is not a breed of dog, but a crossbreed, its parents being intentionally crossbred to conceive offspring with particular traits.

The Eurohound requires more cooling weather to travel, and the European Canicross Championships are kept from September to May to evade heat.

Alaskan Husky History

Mushers in Alaska and Canada produced the dog identified as the Alaskan Husky to perform various jobs: hauling logs, delivering supplies to remote locations, transportation, and competing in races for money.

Starting with dogs discovered in Inuit villages, they developed various dogs to produce the wanted qualities, whether an activity, stamina, an appropriate gait, good feet, or an appropriate size or coat type.

Among the breeds they practiced were Siberian Huskies, Greyhounds, and German Shorthaired Pointers. There are no variety clubs for Alaskan Huskies, and some kennel club’s do not acknowledge them.

Though the Siberian Husky developed first, the Alaskan Husky instantly increased to the top of the running dog list because of his unbelievable agility.

Pointer History

A superior breed, the pointer dog, begins after the 17th century. It’s understood that they are associated with the greyhound, bloodhound, foxhound, and a background spaniel in presence at the time.

Though they’re universally recognized as bird dogs, the primary job of the Pointer was to find hares for greyhounds to chase. The Pointer’s appearance is spontaneously recognizable; both its long head and finely spiked tail aides do their duty of pointing game for the hunter.

A pointer will reach tall and still with one foot off the ground to point the hunter in the accurate direction. Pointers constantly obtain some of the country’s most prestigious citations for pointing dogs in the country.

In 1878, pointers were one of the first nine varieties enrolled in America. Pointers were identified by the American Kennel Club when it was endowed in 1884. The Pointer is a handsome but different dog, ranking 103rd amongst the breeds enrolled by the American Kennel Club.

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Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix personality

Impartially standard features of fifty percent crossbreeds are half-dropped ears, black with white flashing as exposed, or solid with patches of places. Some spotted dogs resemble as great.

Once the percentage of pointer leaves, the dogs begin to resemble more similar Alaskan huskies. The dogs have a related coat to the German Shorthair Pointer and seem similar to standard hunting dogs.

The Alaskan husky sprint dog has been developed for performance, not features. The German shorthaired pointer and English Pointer gene supply too were developed for performance, individually hunting.

The Scandinavian pointers from which the first Eurohounds reached had been practiced historically for sled dog running and hunting, and the Eurohound was great for mashing and became extensively used.

Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix Temperament

Being energetic and extroverted nature, they also love to be engaged in work. It’s a dog that produces a powerful relationship with its owners, being devoted and faithful. They are very faithful, affectionate, and understanding.

The Eurohound prefers closed indoors or apartments and enjoys walking, roam, and work in open environments. They can dig a hole in just a few minutes and have a powerful ability to hunt, also entertaining in occasional chasing.

While Eurohound dog can exist in the city or the country, he requires extensive premises to run and be free. They most absolutely aren’t a working dog breed who can be left on his own in the backyard until you require him to pull a sled as he craves your companionship.

This mixes is an independent and stubborn dog, and therefore training and socialization will be wonderful for him as it presents him understand who is boss in the house. This dog is who receives on well with different pets in the apartment as well as children.

Size and appearance of Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix

How big is a Eurohound ?

The Eurohound is a Large-sized dog breed with Avg. Weight Male: 49.5 pounds (22.5 kg), Female: 43 pounds (19.5 kg), Avg. Height 27 inches (69 cm).

This dog coat appears in various colors and ornaments, including Patched, Solid with patches of spots, Black, Red, White, Beige, Black with white blazing, Spotted, Blonde, Cream. With the exterior coat.

The Eurohound breed, also recognized as the Scandinavian hound, Eurodog. They are ranked No. 258 the most famous dog varieties in the world.

Appearance of Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix

Impartially standard characteristics of fifty percent crossbreeds are half-dropped ears, black with white flashing as presented in the image, or solid with patches of spots. Some spotted dogs resemble as thoroughly.

Once the percentage of pointer drops, the dogs begin to seem more similar to Alaskan huskies. The dogs have a comparable coat to the German Shorthair Pointer and resemble official hunting dogs.

The Alaskan husky sprint dog has been developed for performance, not looks. The German shorthaired pointer and English Pointer gene pool too produced for individual hunting.

The Scandinavian pointers from which the first Eurohounds developed were practiced historically for coaster dog running and hunting. The Eurohound was great for mashing and enhanced extensively applied.

Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix health Problems

Eurohounds are recognized as a healthful dog breed. However, some generally described health obstacles are hip and elbow dysplasia.

Recognized as a healthy crossbreed capable of living up to 10–15 years of age, just some of the most generally announced health difficulties you might encounter with your Eurohound are hip and elbow dysplasia.

Hip dysplasia is where the joint of the ball and socket is distorted so that alternately of operating smoothly, it crumbles. It is one of the most prevalent skeletal disorders in dogs, and giant breeds are mostly concerned. Hip dysplasia can affect osteoarthritis, discomfort and lameness.

Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix Lifespan

The common lifespan of greatest pointers and huskies is between 12-15 years, which is the ordinary lifespan of Eurohound. Typically they are very powerful, even as more distant dogs throughout the age of 10.

However, if the breed is managed thoroughly and has a healthy diet with consistent exercise, 1 or 2 more years will exist. Although This mix dog breed is estimated to be a healthful breed, This dog is not a hypoallergenic breed. Of course, just similar to all dogs, even the Eurohound may undergo some health problems.

How to take care of Eurohound ?

The Eurohound is an active dog who will demand high-quality, nutritious food. Home-made dog foods are enjoyable, but ensure you buy top-quality commercially produced food if it isn’t ever more potential.

Your vet can guide you on the variety of food to apply for your pet if you are hesitant. Assuredly, if you support your dog kibble, get a great appearance on the constituent tag on the pet food packaging.

If you are interested in your dog’s health in words of food, you will acquire the protein/fat ratio, how much precipitation is in the food, and what vitamins are incorporated.

Retain occasionally incorporates steamed brown rice, vegetables and chicken, and few raw types of meat from time to time.

Exercise requirements

Eurohounds have a powerful liking for activity, which can be witnessed at the start of every race or exercise period. They are pretty affectionate about playing with people as well as operating in front of the sled.

They have a chiseled and powerful body, and the physical improvement demands nearby three years, i.e., a little longer than standard sled dogs. The Eurohounds are well-disciplined ethically and are comfortable to manage.

They are constantly developed for a free run, even in big organizations, though there are few individual hunts. They originate endurance from the genes from Huskies, while the Pointer genes contribute to their fierce speeding knowledge.

Eurohounds require a lot of exercises. Long walks should be on a daily schedule. If you live an active life, this breed can be a great selection for you. They become part of sled dog racing with additional running dogs, like Alaskan Huskies.

A Visit to the Vet

It is an important and valuable way to taking care of your Eurohound Dog. Like all dog breeds, this mix breed needs to go to the vet once per year for a checkup.

Generally, a complete physical examination of a particular dog is needed at least once a year. It involves getting your dog’s temperature, checking heart, lungs, weighing, stomach, eyes, teeth, ears, skin, and coat.

Vaccinating your pet has long been regarded as one of the most straightforward approaches to assist him to live a long, healthy life. Puppies are typically vaccinated at 8 and 10 weeks; your young Eurohound should then be given a booster 12 months after their first vaccination because it’s beneficial to take care of any pets.

Grooming & Bruising

Eurohounds bond very intimately with humans and need lots of direct contacts. They behave quite indoors, and it is stated that your first and last love will be none added than a Eurohound. As they do not shed much, brush their coats with a hard brush infrequently.

They require the least amount of bathing to sustain the natural skin. Eurohound is the most trouble-free dog. They have bright, short and -length coats. That’s why the eurohound needs the very smallest grooming practice.

Eurohound is the most trouble-free dog. They have bright, short and -length coats. That’s why the eurohound needs very minimum grooming training.

The Eurohound isn’t a big shedder, but you will still require to assure that you brush his short coat twice a week to retain it in tip-top situations.

These dogs bond closely with their human people so that this grooming time will be corrective to them.

Examine his ears inside and out for the growth of ear infections and brush their teeth twice a week with a particular dog toothbrush and toothpaste. Dental conditions can create many dangerous diseases, and you need to evade this with your dog.

Providing a high-quality dog food

As a large-sized canine with high energy levels, this dog requires to eat a few higher than the average dog.

It would help if you demanded to support them with up to 4 cups of dog meals every day. You can mix these four cups in a large bowl and then separate them into three meals and support them thrice per day.

Weighing is as much as 140 pounds, Eurohounds are pretty sizable canines. As you might expect of a dog this size, they consume quite a plentiful amount of food. Producing matters worse, these dogs are also very effective.

Expect to support your Eurohound with four cups of food or higher each day.

Here list out some of the best good dog food for Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix.

Best dog food for Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix 2021

  • Orijen Original Formula Dry Dog Food.
  • Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish.
  • Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free.
  • Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food (Small Bites)

Avoid unhealthy and digestive system-damaging foods similar to soy, wheat, and corns.

If you’re feeding a growing Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix puppy, you can rely on these dog foods to give them for the appropriate health support and nutrients that they require as they grow into adult dogs.

How to train Eurohound ?

The slightly independent and stubborn character of Eurohounds presents them as few challenging to train. However, they instantly become fatigued by activities that are repeated and are particularly challenging to housebreak.

Therefore, they require patience, experienced and self-sufficient handlers with an inflexible and no-nonsense method to develop them for iterative tasks.

Eurohounds aren’t recognized for their trainability. This breed requires more time and repetition to perform. It’s challenging to explain new commands, but not quite difficult. This crossbreed is an individualistic and obstinate dog.

Therefore training and socialization will be invaluable for them as it presents them to recognize who is boss in the house.

Potty Training

It’s a fantastic time when you buy a new puppy in your home, but a new puppy also comes with many challenges. The first and most significant challenge that you may face is that of potty training.

If your dog decides to go with an indoor potty, so placement is essential. Find a space in your home where messes won’t interfere with your life.

Potty training your husky corgi mix puppy can take a lot of time, patience, and attention, but luckily, one tool can make a huge difference: a potty training pad.

Some dog experts recommend that you begin house training your puppy when they are between 12 weeks and 16 weeks old. At that time, they have ample control of their bladder and bowel movements to learn to hold them.

Crate Training

If you’re planning on crate training, your puppy should be placed to bed every night in its crate. However, you may require thinking of the best place for that crate at the beginning.

Correctly done crate training is also a highly effective management technique that dog owners can be a lifesaver.

Using a crate is essential to keep your dog from getting into a riot when you can’t supervise them directly.

Crate training is suitable for hunting dogs because it keeps them comfortable during hunts and on the road.


The Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix puppy might produce aggressive behaviors and severe anxiety if you do not enforce the early socialization. In the method of early socialization, you will present the puppy to different objects, people, and areas as advanced as possible.

There are two stages of this process. The first one initiates as early as 2 and 1/2 weeks. From this period of time up to four weeks of age, the buyers will hold the dog in a listed amount of time. The second stage of socialization begins from four weeks of age to 16 weeks of age. You will let the dog become familiar with neighboring formations and smells.

This training activity aims to form the puppy into a fearless and incredible adult dog. The dog will appear at ease with interacting with people and different dogs, providing to their potential in becoming therapy dogs, service dogs, or herders.

Eurohound socialization steps

Go with a dog outdoors

Some puppies of the Eurohound breed will declare themselves to be pleasant butterflies. If you’ve perceived a puppy that’s a bit on the agoraphobic side of the fence, practice them for short walks nearby your backyard and then nearby your house or apartment complex.

Familiar faces

Moreover, friends and family will be more victim and understanding with a timid young pup, letting your Eurohound obtain a feel for interacting with humans besides yourself.

Dog parks

Dog parks are great places to take a young dog that’s beginning to get the hang of socializing with others. Frequently, the park regularly and the socialization will be highly ingrained.

How much do Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix cost?

The average cost of Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix dog breed is around $1000-$1500. If you choose to purchase the Eurohound, you should know that the mentioned amount is aggregated from the received data from breeders’ sites and puppy finder places.

Therefore, if you have a Eurohound for sale, please promote it on a reliable website to ensure the Eurohound becomes a happy place.

Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix puppies for sale

Eurohound puppies! They will be available end of August $300 will have first shots and worming. These dogs will be very active.

So a duty or many exercises is required to maintain your house in shape (not damaged). Most probable not apartment dogs; they will apparently average about 40-70 lbs.

The colors are black and white with ticking. The females are patched and ticked. A deposit would be needed to maintain your place in line.

The sire (dad) is AKC registered German shorthair pointer, and a dog has the title of Junior Hunter with AKC. Dam(mom) is Husky.

So the puppies would be an excellent hunting dog, sledge dog, tracks dog, or a family dog if you favor.

Alaskan Husky and Pointer mix breeders

The first generation crossbreeds, frequently 50/50 among the Alaskan Husky and German shorthaired pointer, have short coats and are extremely satisfied for sprint races. But because of the shorter coat, they are not that proper for long winter competitions.

That is why the first generation hybrids are frequently further hybridised with the Alaskan Husky to achieve slightly greater strength and a thicker coat.

Individually breeding is different, depending on the requirements of the musher. And even though this is not a purebred dog, the breeders typically accept wonderful care of their dogs; routine health inquires them and maintains their pedigree.

Advantage and disadvantages of Eurohound

Pros of Eurohound

  • This crossbreed has great intelligence.
  • The mixes require minimal grooming.
  • Eurohounds are commonly healthy dogs.
  • They have a lower than average tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people.
  • They are dog-friendly dogs.
  • Eurohounds are low shedders.

Cons of Eurohound

  • They aren’t famous for their trainability.
  • They don’t do well with allergy sufferers by causing allergic reactions.
  • Eurohounds are not apartment-friendly dogs.
  • They have high wanderlust potential, which means this breed has a strong desire to explore the world.
  • Eurohounds are not cat-friendly dogs.
  • This mixes is not the best dog breed for the office environment.
  • They are not good for novice owners due to their stubborn personalities.

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