Khao Manee Cat

Khao Manee (pronounced “cow-muh-nee”), also known as White Gem, Khao Plort, and Diamond Eye cats hail from Thailand, regarded an ancient breed and harbingers of good luck.

These cats are comprehended for their snow-colored coats, jewel-tone eyes, and athletic bodies. Khao Manees are rare and believed to be a newer breed outside Thailand.

These lucky charms are outgoing, playful pets committed to their humans. These cats thrive on attention, and they usually obtain a ton of it, thanks to their striking arrival and social nature. Khao Manees make devoted family pets and great companions for children.


The Khao Manee cat, or Khao Plort, also known as the Diamond Eye cat, is a rare breed of the cat developing in Thailand, with an ancient ancestry tracing back hundreds of years.

They are mentioned in the Tamra Maew or Cat Book Poems. Known as the “White Gem,” the Khao Manee was through to fetch good luck and was a popular breed with Thai royalty.

Khao Manee cats are pure white with a short, smooth, close-lying coat. They can have blue, gold, or odd eyes with one of each color. The odd-eyed Khao Manee is the most irregular variety.

They are muscular, athletic cats of average foreign type and are energetic, communicative, and intelligent. These infrequent kitties are conveyed to bring good luck to proprietors.

Characteristics of Khao Manee

  • Other names: Khao Plort (all white)
  • Common nicknames: Diamond Eye, White Cat of Thailand
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Height: 10-12 Inches
  • Weight: 8-10 Pounds
  • Good With: Children Seniors Dogs Cats Families
  • Temperament: Sociable Affectionate Bold
  • Intelligence: High
  • Shedding Amount: Normal
  • Playfulness: High
  • Activity Level: Active
  • Life Span: 10-12 Years.
  • Vocalness: Howler
  • Coat Length: Short
  • Colors: White
  • Patterns: Solid

Khao Manee History

The Khao Manee is a naturally occurring breed that’s supposed to be ancient. These bright-eyed cats were prized by the aristocrats of Thai society and were considered sacred and supported by the ruling class for centuries.

One of their earliest written references is in a 14th-century book of poetry about cats, known as the Tamra Maew.

The Khao Manee has royal roots, maintained initially by royal households in Thailand numerous centuries ago. The breed seems in a classic book of cat poetry from the 14th Century called the Tamra Maew!

The breed’s name translates into English as “White Gem.” It’s declared that the Khao Manee was preserved native to Thailand until 1999, when a breeder named Colleen Freymuth determined to obtain the cat to the United States of America.

Khao Manee is mentioned in the Tamra Maew, or Cat Book Poems, which also mentions the Siamese cat breed and additional coat-colored cats endemic to Thailand, or Siam, as formerly understood.

Khao Manee Appearance

White Gems are semi-foreign-type cats. They are sleek, athletic, and generously proportioned. Their bodies are long and slender and flexible and delicate, although they don’t correspond to their Siamese cousins.

Their white fur is short, silky, and shiny, and they have virtually no undercoat. Their heart-shaped head and pronounced cheekbones form the wonderful setting for the two ‘diamonds’ produced by their eyes.

Supposedly, Khao Plort, with two other colored eyes (e.g., one blue eye and one yellow/yellow-green eye), bring the most luck! Nevertheless, cats with two matching eyes (blue, yellow, or, in rare cases, green) are still very charming! Periodically, white kittens are born with a small darker mark on the top of the head, which evaporates by almost one year.

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Temperament of Khao Manee

The Khao Manee is a highly social cat and treasures being in the movement’s center. This breed is curious, clever, and a little naughty. They’re curious animals who love to inspect every inch of their space and scale the furniture to discover the best view.

These energetic cats love interactive play and fast bond with children and additional playful pets. Be ready to play several fetch matches with this breed since they love playing and interacting with their pet parents.

Khao Manees are understood for being incredibly talkative so that you can anticipate frequent discussions with this chattering companion. They’re not stranger shy and usually feel relaxed impending guests and new faces. This bold, aristocratic breed is convinced, friendly, and incredibly loyal to its family.

Diet and Nutrition

The Khao Manee requires the same diet as any cat breed. Provide your Khao Manee cat-measured meals regularly (kittens usually require three to four meals a day, but adults typically eat twice a day—morning and evening).

Scheduled mealtimes support prevents unwanted weight gain, which can happen if you leave food out all the time. They are also a little fussy with their food, so work with them to discover a brand and taste that they’ll enjoy.

Good quality cat food will suffice, though Khao Manees also enjoy some more refined things in life, such as cooked chicken, fish and ham.

Cats overweight or obese can produce weight-related health problems like diabetes, heart condition, and arthritis. Chatter your veterinarian or breeder for guidance about the best type of food to feed your Khao Manee cat.

Khao Manee Care

The Khao Manee cat’s smooth short coat sheds only somewhat and is easy to care for. Brush once or twice a week to release loose hair and keep the coat shiny and soft. A bath every few months also maintains the coat feeling, looking, and smelling nice.

Try using a brightening shampoo produced specifically for white cats to keep the coat glistening white.

Khao Manee is a very playful cat that loves climbing and exploring. Like all cats, the Khao Manee requires its nails trimmed every two weeks. Check the ears weekly for dirt, cleaning with a pet-safe ear cleaner if they look dirty. If you see redness or filthy ears, make an appointment with your veterinarian for a checkup.

White Gems are very active, so you won’t require much to motivate them to exercise. One way you can help keep your Khao Manee moving is to furnish them with plenty of space to run and play, interactive toys, and a cat tree to climb.

Khao Manee Health and Problems

The Khao Manee cat is typically healthy, with periodic known genetic health disorders affecting the breed. Currently, these cats’ most common health trait is an increased likelihood of deafness and kinked tails.

All-white cats like the Khao Manee are periodically inclined to deafness, unilateral (deafness in just one ear) or bilateral (deafness in both ears). This is something that any cat with various white coats and blue eyes might suffer from.

Responsible breeders will test kittens for health problems, but it’s essential to keep regularly prepared vet meetings and take the direction of your cat’s veterinarian.

Conditions and other health problems can develop later in life and should be routinely observed. Khao Manees are typically healthy cats–but always prepare regular wellness visits with your cat’s vet.

Fun Facts about Khao Manee

  • Some consider the Khao Manee lucky. Thai legend says those who own them will be receivers of good fortune.
  • Khao Manee cats will always have one blue eye, with the other ranging from bright yellow to vibrant green.
  • The name Khao Manee means “white gem.” This breed has also been referred to as Khao Plort and Diamond Eye cats.
  • Their loving nature and playful demeanor make Khao Manee kittens one of the best choices for families.
  • Unlike many other breeds, the Khao Manee has a minimal undercoat, and they are better suited to warmer climates.
  • With prices near $11,000, the Khao Manee is one of the most expensive cat breeds globally.
  • The Khao Manee cat is also known as the White Gem, Khao Plort and Diamond Eye.

Advantage and disadvantages of Khao Manee Cat

Pros of Khao Plort

  • Friendly and affectionate
  • Moderate exercise needs
  • Social with other pets

Cons of Khao Plort

  • Doesn’t do well if left alone
  • Needs a lot of attention
  • Rare/hard to find

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