Top 10 Benefits of Having a Golden Retriever

Although every dog is an individual with its quirks that make them who they are, golden retrievers, like other dog breeds, tend to share several traits that make them the awesome animals they are.

Golden Retrievers are special dogs bound to make you fall in love at first sight. Their love makes great therapy and family dogs, are playful, and love people. Golden retrievers are a fantastic option for any person.

If you have ever imagined the perfect puppy, it would probably be a Golden Retriever! These dogs are perfect for anybody who wishes to find a loving and caring four-legged friend.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized retriever developed in the United Kingdom. It is described by a gentle and affectionate nature and a striking golden coat.

It is kept as a pet and is continually enlisted breeds in several Western countries. It is a frequent competitor in dog shows and obedience trials; it is used as a gundog and may be trained for use as a guide dog.

Golden Retriever is a powerfully built, medium-sized breed of dog; according to the Kennel Club breed standard, dogs stand from 22 to 24 inches (56 to 61 cm) and bitches from 20 to 22 inches (51 to 56 cm). Healthy adults typically weigh between 55 and 75 pounds (25 and 34 kg).

This is considered an intelligent, gentle-natured, and very affectionate dog breed. As is typical with retriever breeds, the breed is calm and biddable, easy to train, and extremely keen to please their master.

The breed is known to make amazing pets and family dogs, being typically incredibly tolerant of children and keen to attend any family member in a range of activities.

Benefits of Having a Golden Retriever

1. They are Smartest Dogs

Because of their happy-go-lucky personality and easy-going nature, Golden Retrievers lead people to think that they’re maybe not so bright. However, Golden Retrievers rank fourth among the ten most intelligent dog breeds.

Further studies have revealed that the Golden Retriever’s learning ability goes far beyond their training. They can learn up to 165 words, and their intelligence can be compared to that of a 2-year-old child.

2. They are easy to train

Golden retrievers are some of the most trainable dogs, thanks to their high cleverness, eagerness to please, and willingness to learn. Unlike some other dogs, they love learning new tricks and have more patience and focus.

Golden Retrievers are among the easiest dogs to train, gratitude for their intelligence and friendly personality. Their training should start when they are eight weeks old and should continue throughout their life.

You can start training them as soon as bring them home at eight weeks, and many breeders start training their pups even a little bit before that. Golden Retriever will love to train; this is a moment to bond and build a strong relationship!

3. They Are Excellent Family Dogs and Great With Kids

Golden love nothing more than being with their families. They’re very social animals and are happiest when they’re around people. They’re also good with kids of all ages.

If children are part of the household, a Golden Retriever might be the perfect dog. Golden Retrievers are naturally caring and protective, making them excellent family dogs.

Golden Retrievers are larger dogs, and their playfulness might have some downsides. It is easy for them to knock over or hurt a child accidentally. This isn’t too much of a concern, though. Golden Retrievers make perfect dogs for your little ones with supervision and proper training.

4. They are good with other dogs and animals

Whether it is with other people or with other animals, Golden Retrievers love socialization. Golden retrievers don’t just love people; they love other dogs. They’re always down to play and get along great with other dogs.

Golden retrievers have a low prey drive when compared to other dogs. Because of this, they’re typically safe around any other pets you have, including other dogs, cats, rabbits, and even smaller animals.

They don’t just love people; they also love the company of other dogs. And because of their gentle personality, they’re usually good with other animals, providing a proper introduction and supervision.

5. They’re extremely loyal

Golden retrievers are also extremely loyal. Although golden retrievers are friends to everyone, they’re still amazingly loyal to their families and will always put you first. They were bred to return hunted game to their owners, and this instinct will keep them loyal to their families.

When you let golden retrievers off the leash, you may notice them disappearing. But unless they get lost, they’re always going to return to you again.

6. They Love To Play

If you’ve got kids or a big kid yourself, you’re going to love having a golden retriever. They love to play with everyone. They still have a puppy mentality long after they’re fully grown. This doesn’t mean they’ll be naughty; they’ll love to play with you.

While most dogs lose this behavior by about age 2, golden retrievers keep it until they’re 3-4. They’ll instantly grab a toy anytime they want to play and join in even after this. Goldens love to play, and their smarts and energy levels can get them in trouble.

7. They Don’t Bark a Lot

If you live in an apartment or a residential area, your dog must be quiet enough to avoid problems with your neighbors. While they have expressed their emotions, a Golden Retriever dog is excellent for this, as they don’t bark often.

Although a golden has the Guinness World Record for loudest bark, they don’t bark often. But that doesn’t mean they’re not expressive.

Goldens wear their emotions on their sleeves, and you can seemingly tell what a golden retriever is thinking by looking at their body language.

8. They Are Excellent Therapy Dogs

If you have ever looked into canines that become therapy dogs, Golden Retrievers are at the top of the list. These dogs make great pets to hug, cuddle and give comfort. While they may never become therapy dogs, they have the behavior needed for it ingrained into them.

Goldens are one of the most standard breeds that serve as therapy dogs, and even if your golden isn’t an official therapy dog, they can be your therapy dog.

They’re great to hug, are super soft, they’re great listeners, and they’re world-class secret-keepers. So even if Golden Retriever is not on the path to becoming a therapy dog, you can still enjoy the love your puppy has to give!

9. They Have Loving Personalities

There are numerous great things about goldens, but we’ve tried to distill the heart of their lovely personalities down to sixteen points. Sure it’s hard, but we think we’ve got it just about covered.

Golden Retrievers are goofy and playful, but they are also kind, loving, and incredibly caring. The golden retriever smile says it all. They are sweet, loving, gentle dogs that like to please people.

Golden Retrievers are not short of affection, whether you wish to introduce them in a household with children or to accompany older adults!

10. They’re Instinctive

Not only this, the more time golden retrievers spend around you, the more intuitive they’ll become. They’ll begin to know when something isn’t right, and you’ll notice they’ll spend a lot more time around you. Trying to cheer you up and comfort you. If you’re ever sad when a golden retriever is around, they’ll be there by your side until you feel better, no matter how long it takes.

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