Top 15 Most Quiet Dog Breeds for Apartments

Even Most Quiet Dog Breeds, pet-friendly apartments have noise limits when it comes to dogs. In fact, if you want to buy or adopt a furry best friend, you must consider your pet’s features and personality.

Some dog breeds are naturally very calm dog breeds than others. Some dogs, for example, don’t bark much while being lively and energetic, while others are just easy to train to be quiet.

However, it may be hard to find the ideal combination of a small fur ball, which is favored in apartment life, and a quiet dog breed.

Top 15 Most Quiet Dog Breeds for Apartments

These are Top 15 Most Quiet Dog Breeds for Apartments without losing joyful doggy goodness.

French Bulldog

The Frenchie is an excellent apartment dog that enjoys both playing and lounging on the sofa. His main objective is to be a lovely family friend who thrives on human contact.

The Frenchie is a cute dog breed that does not bark like other breeds. In reality, this popular, big-eared dog interacts in an unusual way, using chirps, yodels, and other cute sounds that are lower-pitched than a normal bark.

Their activity levels aren’t excessive, and they’re known to be terrific family additions that keep the noise levels to a minimal.

This little dog breed has evolved to be a human companion dog rather than a hunting or protection dog. As a result, French Bulldogs are excellent for apartment life.

Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard dog is the epitome of a “gentle giant.” Despite their size, these dogs’ barks aren’t! Their patience is a big part of their allure. They also don’t use their bark as often as other dog breeds as they’re so patient.

Saint Bernards have been called the “ideal nanny dog” due to their ability to bond with children. They’re huge, yet they can make great apartment dogs for responsible owners who provide for their basic needs.

Saint Bernard dogs are highly friendly and loving, with little to no need to make noise in their owner’s presence, and are rarely seen barking.


Pugs are among the greatest dog breeds for flats owing to their size, sense of humor, activity requirements, and potential as a watchdog.

Pugs are one of America’s most popular dogs, and their reputation is increasing due to their unique and charming look as well as their great personality.

Pug dress-ups and pug get-togethers, you’ve found the best apartment dog. The very famous and lovely pet dog, the Pug, is a breed known for many reasons from loving to eating.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon is the epitome of a toy dog, and it is beloved by both adults and children. Small, sociable, and energetic, this little fluff ball has earned its place among the dogs that don’t bark a lot when it comes to apartment life.

In fact, Bichon Frises are not particularly vocal, so don’t assume them to guard your home from strangers. The Bichon, with its perfect hypoallergenic coat, round head hair, and joyful personality, is bound to evoke a few “awws” from any visitor.

The Bichon Frise is a great family dog that is suggested for those who suffer from allergies. They are good apartment dogs and get along with other animals and people because they are a small dog breed.


The Whippet is a highly disciplined breed that requires little attention and has a very docile temper. It’s a nice breed, but it’s not the most lap-friendly.

This thin hunting hound dog likes acting as much as it enjoys lying on a cushion or dog bed and prancing around its living space without making a sound and keeping to itself.

They are excellent for owners looking for silent dog breeds, especially if they live in apartments or condos where the dog must be kept quiet.

Whippets are another suitable breed for an apartment. They are calm dogs who like relaxing as long as they receive their daily walk.


The Greyhound is an unusual candidate for an excellent apartment dog. After all, they are the quickest dog breed, so you may think they require a lot of exercise. They sleep in funny positions and are noted for being peaceful and quiet.

Greyhounds are relatively quite dog breeds that will be quite happy with an occasional jog or walk around the local dog park. Even better, if your apartment offers an enclosed area where dogs may run about off-leash, as many pet-friendly places do.

Greyhounds are typically friendly and do not exhibit territorial impulses. Because the Greyhound is a smart breed, want to have some engaging toys on hand if you’re going to leave the pup alone for a prolonged amount of time.


The Newfoundland Dog is a calm, huge breed famous for its phlegmatic behavior. Because of its large size, this bear-like dog is extremely affectionate.

Newfoundland dogs are excellent for introverted owners who love spending time with their large friends, and they are one of the quietest dog breeds adoptable.

The Newfoundland dog breed is the largest on the list. However, because they are such calm and sweet-tempered dog breeds, they make great apartment dogs.

The Newfoundland is a large fluffy dog that gets along well with kids. They have a reputation for being highly patient and may even be used as “nanny dogs.”


The Basenji is generally portrayed as a “feline” dog. In other words, they have many cat-like traits, such as quietness. However, if you have parks and walks nearby, these might be a great option.

They are not only silent dogs, but they also groom themselves. However, the Basenji is a playful and independent-minded dog that apartment owners will appreciate.

The Basenji, an African breed, is a smart dog that may adjust well to apartment living if provided sufficient exercise and playtime.


The Saluki has a long history and is one of the world’s oldest dog breeds. They are excellent hunters and have served as prominent hunting hounds for kings in the past. They’re another dog who is unlikely to bark at anything in sight.

The Saluki is a beautiful, silk-haired sight hound recognized for its hunting ability and skills. Outsiders may perceive it as aloof; it is devoted to its owner and respectful of its dwelling quarters. When it comes to training a Saluki puppy, this breed may be the calm.

This is great for apartment dwellers, but potential owners must give a lot of physical exercise to these dogs. These dogs are often calm and devoted, making them ideal companions in any situation.

Cavalier King Charles

King Charles Spaniel is a public favorite and the most peaceful dog breed for apartments. This, along with their small size, makes them an excellent option for compact homes, and they are also affectionate, couch-friendly lap dogs around.

The personality of King Charles Spaniel is also a winner: this dog breed is calm, even-tempered, and social, which adds to its ranking as one of the dog breeds that bark the least.

In fact, because they get along so well with both humans and other dogs, they rarely need to bark. This lovely pooch is suited for apartment life and would make a fantastic addition to any family.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is an excellent apartment dog since it is a large dog that does not bark much. Irish Setters are known for their courage and energy, yet they are also great family dogs.

If you have a family and live in an apartment, these dogs are perfect. They are calm, kind, patient, and playful. They are calm, kind, patient, and playful. Few dog breeds are as gentle with children as the Irish Setter.

The Irish Setter is well-known for its ability as a hunting dog, but it also makes an excellent family companion. This peaceful dog should keep in mind its high energy levels and desire for plenty of exercise and playtime.

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is by far the most popular Japanese breed. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that these dogs inspired one of the internet’s most popular memes, the doge.

Shiba Inu make great apartment dogs. Despite the fact that they were originally bred for hunting reasons. Most Shiba Inus are well-rounded dogs who can live in apartments and are potty-trained.

Shiba Inus are often peaceful dogs that are well to apartment living. The Shiba Inu is a nice family dog with a spirited personality if well socialized and not harshly treated.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesia Ridgeback genes are still there, which is why these dogs are recognized for their loyalty to their people, and you’ll often notice pets putting themselves in front of their loved ones in the face of threats before making noise.

According to legend, these dogs were fierce hunters that hunted lions on an African safari. The Rhodesian Ridgebacks were famed for tracking lions, although they were never used to kill them.

It may appear strange that such large and strong dogs don’t bark much. As a result, they’re ideal for apartment dwellers looking for a large dog breed to bring home.


The Maltese are a friendly dog breed that adapts well to apartment living. They are easy to train, loyal to their families, and like spending time with humans. They may enjoy apartment life as long as they have adequate exercise, attention, and mental stimulation.

The Maltese is one of the most popular apartment dogs. They’re little and loving dogs, but most importantly, they don’t bark a lot.

The Maltese are an obvious choice for a calm and unique dog to bring home to an apartment. But it’s their quietness that makes them such calm dogs in the house.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese mountain dog, easily among the most adorable and popular breeds available, might be ideal for apartment life. Despite the fact, that these dogs are gentle and quiet giants.

The Bernese mountain dog is one of the friendliest canines and is always looking for new friends and adventures. They are a social and polite breed that well with humans, strangers, and other animals.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are friendly and kind. They’re also great with kids and other pets. To put it another way, they’re an excellent choice for a large apartment dog.


The greatest quiet Dog breeds aren’t always little canines weighing less than 25 pounds. Larger breeds can also make excellent apartment dogs.

Whatever quiet apartment dog breeds you choose to share your house with, make sure you take great care while moving so they adjust well to their new environment.

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