Top 9 Weirdest dog breeds that will catch your eye!

The weirdest dogs are best recognized for their unconditional loyalty, dedication, selfless love, and for being man’s best friend. Still, some breeds out there are so weird and funny-looking that the puppies ended up being acknowledged only for their curious looks.

These wonderful pups have eye-catching features and exceptional features, and owning one will mean much attention and double-takes when you’re out in the world together.

There are some dog breeds that you see virtually every time you go to the park, but some especially weird dog breeds out there can be considered rare. Just as their particular breed can predestine their overall personality and temperament, this can be the case with their physical presence.

Check out these Top 9 Weirdest dog breeds that will catch your eye!

Number – 9 Chow Chow

The Chow Chow name implies “puffy-lion dog”, and it’s obvious to recognise why dog buyers are preferred. The Chow Chow is an especially impressive dog. This breed is one of the unique dog breeds to have a purple-black tongue and lips constantly.

The Chow Chow nose is blue or grey, somewhat than the typical black. Its large skull, pointy ears, and compact double orange and white Chow Chow fur coat execute it resemble a little similar to a lion, making them great guard dogs!

Number – 8 Shar-Pei

The Shar-Pei is undoubtedly one of the weirdest and most unique dog breeds you can find. You’ll never confuse this dog with any additional breed! When Shar-Peis are puppies, they’re included in wrinkles, but their wrinkles flattened out and become less conspicuous as they develop up.

The Shar-Pei is undoubtedly one of the weirdest and most individual dog breeds you can obtain. And if that wasn’t strange sufficiently, A standard, healthy Shar-Pei has a bluish-black tongue! However, it is heavily wrinkled and has an incredible muzzle like a hippopotamus.

Number – 7 Affenpinscher

“Affen” in German means “monkey”, and this breed gets its name from its primate-like features and character. It frequently has longer hair on its face than the bottom of its body, and the sequence of shaggy fur, squashed face and terrier body provides it with a different appearance!

The Affenpinscher also relishes being naughty and playful like a monkey, but importantly; this dog has a personality related to different terriers.

Affenpinscher dog breed is sharp-witted, courageous and confident. Affenpinschers can become along with additional pets and dogs if they’re grown with them.

However, these dogs can be considerably stubborn, bold and curious, and they can readily become authoritarian if their partners do not provide them with proper laws and borders.

Number – 6 Lowchen

Lowchens is nicknamed the Lion Dog because of a famous dog breed hairstyle. However, in a critique arranged by Lowchen partners, only 35% retain this unique hairstyle. The Lowchen is a section of the general Bichon group of dogs.

The Lowchen breed is a small but brilliant associate of all family standards. Lowchens are affectionate, faithful, and happy to entertain, from singles to couples with children to elders.

Better still, despite their long fur and grooming requirements, Lowchens are recognized for barely shedding at all. They’re comfortable to train, don’t require much exercise, and are long-lived.

Number – 5 Norwegian Lundehund

The Norwegian Lundehund may resemble normal but have a glance at their feet. These dogs are produced with double dewclaws, so they have six toes on every foot! Lundehunds also can turn their heads 180 degrees!

This breed also has individual shoulder and neck joints, which support the dog expand its legs out continuously in both directions and reach its forehead up to its back. This dog even can close its ear canal at will.

These peculiarities perform this breed an astonishing avian hunter, an energetic swimmer and an extraordinary climber. A Norwegian Lundehund can comfortably climb steep divisions and near-vertical bluffs!

Number – 4 Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff is the pet of Harry Potter’s companion, Hagrid. The Neapolitan Mastiff is quite an old-fashioned breed, and due to its fearsome, intimidating look, it was elevated for safeguarding and protecting family and property.

These dogs require inclusive socialization, or they can be considerably destructive towards foreigners and different dogs, but they absorb very promptly.

In addition, they are distinguished to be remarkably intelligent, independent thinkers. Also, as you might guess from their size, these dogs are not very powerful; their energy levels are short-lived!

Number – 3 Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is one of the strangest-looking dog breeds because of its lamblike look. Bedlingtons have pear-shaped heads, three-sided ears, and curly, sheep like fur. Historically, this breed was trained to strive! Bedlington Terriers are delightful dogs, but if they’re challenged, they can endure their own.

This peculiar Bedlington Terrier dog is a vision to observe. They have an elongated head, a thin, pointy tail, and a plushy, double-layered coat. Numerous partners of Bedlingtons also prepare their dogs to have pom-poms hanging from the outcomes of their floppy ears.

These wonderful dogs are abundant in energy and obtain excellent pets to active pet parents and relatives.

Number – 2 Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is one of the better-known weird-looking dog breeds. This dog has hair solely on its paws, tail (plume) and head (crest). Because its skin is revealed and unprotected, the Chinese Crested must be brought up with the ultimate concern.

Owners should use sunscreen to preserve their dog’s skin from sunburns, and they should also provide their Chinese Crested frequent baths to prevent acne and different skin problems. Another prominent characteristic of this breed is its absence of premolar teeth!

These dogs are remarkably friendly and faithful and experience the company of children.

Number – 1 Puli

Tight dreadlocks deliver this breed the aspect of a walking, barking mop! These dreads are recognized as “cords,” which begin when a Puli puppy is nine months old.

This corded, normally black coat is what presents this breed as an individual. Luckily, a Puli is not scattered, but bathing and grooming this dog is a long, complicated process.

Owners must carefully manage their Puli’s coat and ensure the cords stay separated, or these cords can produce very large mats. On the plus side, these dogs are very intelligent, and despite their bulky look, they are quite quick and agile. They are also very passionate and faithful to their owners.

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